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The development of 8mm and Super 8mm Expired films is done by hand and with the greatest possible care. The chemistry is monitored with litmus paper and maintained with a layer of propane gas to slow decay.  It is replaced before the limit recommended by the parent company.  In the case of Normal 8 (regular 8) film, it is cut after development and spliced to tape. (CIR Catozzo splicer)

The price does not include the 15 meter winding reel.

You can send one of your own together with the film to be developed, or buy one on this site.

N: B 

Development times for expired films can also be very long, for both technical and organizational reasons. If you do not have the patience to wait, please do not send them.

8mm / Super 8mm film development (black and white or color) Expired expired

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